First Warm Day
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This was the first day of 2023 when it was pleasant to be out in just a couple of light layers, and we have flowers, and I have a camera and a blog, so obviously flowersharing is gonna happen.

The big story is the first daffodil.

Daffodil and crocus

This is not a real full-sized daffodil, but a sort of microdaff. The big ones will be along later.

The observant reader will have noticed that crocuses are still blooming. No kidding!

Mass of crocus blossoms

What actually excites me more is that the mighty magnolia is getting ready to go. It is a mass of buds, and pretty soon quite a few of them will be bulging out of their little bodices and showing a hint of pink. Today I found only one in that winsome condition.

Magnolia bud showing incipient flower flesh

And hey look, that bud has a little buddy. [rimshot]

Magnolia bud starting to open and a smaller bud waiting its turn

While I was oozing around the magnolia looking for angles, the cat came out to help; she entirely loves being out in the yard with a human who’s gardening or photographing or whatever.

Calico cat with a birds-be-safe collar in a magnolia tree

She’s halfway up the magnolia tree. Note the Birdsbesafe collar. I can offer a personal testimonial: This elegant calico is the worst kind of bird-slaughterer, will pick up several per week if unimpeded, and apparently a bell on her collar does not impede. But not a single bird has died since we put this on her. Apparently birds are visual creatures.

But today my favorite flowers were in this little cluster, coming over the fence from the neighbors’ place; no idea what they are.

A cluster of little pink fruit-tree blossoms against a mossy wooden fence.

Hey folks, the world’s in terrible shape but Spring is still on the way.

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