SAP Solution Manager Service Desk
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In this article, would like to discribe detail steps to create a Service Deck incident and follow up ITSM Incident if needed.

What is a Service Desk request?

A Service Desk Request is defined according to ITIL as a request from a user for:

  • Information
  • Advice
  • Standard Change
  • Access to an IT Service

Process Objective: The “Service Desk and Incident Management” process aims to restore IT Services to their defined Service Levels as quickly as possible the process is also responsible for receiving and processing Service Requests, for assisting users, and for coordinating the Incident Resolution with SAP Basis Support Team.

Service Desk is used in several SAP Solution Manager capabilities, wherever a message flow-based resolution process is to be established. It is integrated into Test Management, Business Process Operations, Project Blueprint, Change Request Management, and Technical Alerting.

Service Request Message Scenario Types

When the reporter is creating new Service Request Message

New—> it goes to In Process –> Proposed solution–> Closed

New–> In Process –> Requester Action –> In Process –> Proposed solution –> Closed

If the Support team cannot resolve and it require additional help from the Prod support team to work on the Incident and follow ITSM route/process.

New–> In Process –> Requester Action –> In Process –> Forward to RFC –> Incident.

Launch Fiori URL or use t-code /n/ui2/flp

User Login:

Enter your user credentials

Under Service Desk Requester – Select Create Incident

Create Service Desk Incident

Priority Level – High

Provide the Description for example: Refresh the Production data in Pre-Prod environment.

Select the Priority – Medium/High/Low

Provide description – For Example: SAP System Refresh Pre Pod with Production Data

New is the status

High is priority

Title: DB Refresh from Prod

Description: Refresh the Production data in Pre-Prod environment

Service desk incident is created.

Once the incident is created Incident details are sent to the requester over email and assigned to support team.

As per the flow the chart, incase needed  follow up ITSM Incident needs to be created. –> This totally depends on the business agreements and company policies.

How to create follow up ITSM Incident:-

ITSM Link à Service Desk Requester à Incident Management Tile

Go to Service Desk Requester and Incident Management

Search with Incidents

In my case 9000000006 service desk incident (one created above) does not need a follow up ITSM. I had to look for a test incident.

Status of Service desk incident should be into Forwarded RFC to create a follow up ITSM ticket

Make sure Status is set as “Forwarded to RFC” before creating a Follow-Up Incident.

From Service desk Incident to a Follow up Incident – Description and Attachments will carry forward automatically

Follow up ITSM Incident is created.

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