An Interesting Functionality that you might consider during the Configuration of Your Service Master Data. !
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In this blog we will discuss about one of the most common topics of SAP MM – Configuration of the Service Master.

But we all SAP MM consultants are well aware of the Service Master Configuration, we will not look into the steps of configuration for the Service Master, we will be focused on a particular feature / functionality that SAP provides.

This functionality can be accessed via the following SPRO path:-

  • SPRO — Materials Management – External Services Management – Source Determination and Default Values

Here, we can find the functionality; using this functionality we can set a certain “Material Group” as our “DEFAULT” Material Group for all our Service Related Purchase Orders (PO) both at the “Client Level” and also at the “Purchasing Organization Level”.

You can also set a particular “Unit of Measure” as the “DEFAULT” for all your Service POs using this IMG activity only.


This feature can be handy, if your client requirement is to have a single “Material Group”, “Unit of Measure” for all their “Service Related Activities within their Organization and it can also reduce the further need of putting the “Material Group”, “Unit of Measure” every time an “End-User” processes or generates a “Service PO”

Here in both the screenshots, you can clearly see, that my system is picking up the defaulted “Material Group” and “Unit of Measure”

– named as “POO1”, “DAY” everytime I am processing a Service PO.

If you assign your “Material Group”, “Unit of Measure” (at any level- i.e: Client Level / Purchase Organization Level as per your need, then the SAP system will pick the Material Group, Unit of Measure automatically during the creation of the Service PO.

But the provision is always there, your “End-User” can simply change / replace the “Material Group”, in the ME21N – Create PO Screen, if needed without any obligation from the SAP system.

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