5 strategies to learn cybersecurity
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There are too many online guides available on the internet which tell you about lots of stuff. This massive pile of information merely adds to our confusion. This article will give you a direction to help you understand how to learn about cybersecurity by yourself.

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Today, everything is available on the internet, and everyone turns to search engines when they have a question. When you search without some guidance, all you are left with is more questions than before.

This process sometimes gets complicated when exploring a new field of study, and the available information is too much for you to understand.

Let’s understand that every person is unique, and there is no “one shoe fits all” solution.

Everyone learns differently and has different interests.

So, this article will help you figure out your path.

Let’s dive in.

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Cybersecurity is just the tip of the iceberg, and many subdomains are below that, contributing to the foundation of cybersecurity. These subdomains have multiple technologies and job types associated with them. Some are shown below:

Application security

This domain specializes in investigating flaws and finding vulnerabilities in front or back-end applications so that it is resistant to cyber-attacks. It also includes suggesting solutions to fixing those flaws.

Usually, burpsuit and vulnerability management tools are used.

Cloud security

The cloud security domain focuses on the security of cloud infra and its assets.

Types of cybersecurity functions managed by cloud service providers are:

  • Database and storage security
  • Encryption of cloud data at rest, in motion, and in use

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