At Trail of Bits, we pride ourselves on making our best tools open source, such as algo, manticore, and graphtage. But while this post is about open source, it’s not about our tools

In 2021, Trail of Bits employees submitted over 190 pull requests (PRs) that were merged into non-Trail of Bits repositories. This demonstrates our commitment to securing the software ecosystem as a whole and to improving software quality for everyone. A representative list of contributions appears at the end of this post, but here are some highlights:

We would like to acknowledge that submitting a PR is only a tiny part of the open source experience. Someone has to review the PR. Someone has to maintain the code after the PR is merged. And submitters of earlier PRs have to write tests to ensure the functionality of their code is preserved.

We contribute to these projects in part because we love the craft, but also because we find these projects useful. For this, we offer the open source community our most sincere thanks, and wish everyone a happy, safe, and productive 2022!

Some of Trail of Bits’ 2021 Open Source Contributions